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Our Obanderl is a charming traditional Bavarian bracelet featuring a variety of classic Bavarian motifs or words. But our Obanderl can do even more: Each Obanderl has a QR code that can be individually designed and with which you can connect to your user profile in order to get in touch with new acquaintances or stay in touch - a nice gift with a personal "business card ". Whether as costume jewelery for folk festivals, exclusive invitations or special occasions - the Obanderl is exactly the right choice.

Es ist soweit

Launch at Oktoberfest '23

Available online soon!
Until then, discover our various motifs and get ready for the first advance sale.
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How it works

Befolge diese Schritte und überrasche jemanden


Find the right Obanderl as a gift or for yourself - choose between two sizes, as well as different designs and colors


Scan the QR code located on the inside of the wristband to open our Connect website


Select one of your social media profiles, a link or a phone number and store it in the opened link


Surprise someone with the Obanderl to keep in touch

Our collections


What makes us unique

O'banderl Munich


The Obanderl is a locally produced product. Our partners are all based nearby and attach great importance to sustainable production

Tradition meets innovation

The Obanderl is a completely new combination of tradition and innovation. Made from Bavarian leather, the costume jewelery stands out with its QR code


With the help of the QR code you can quickly make new contacts. Add the social media profile, link or phone number of your choice and connect with others that way.